Crowdfunding 2018

I just can’t stop doing what I do.
I just can’t stop finding ways to be a better bike rider.
Life is to short to not do what you love, to not be who you are.

Last year I asked your help to get to LA, to defend 3 world titles. I thought I shouldn’t be asking again, but a friend convinced me I should and not to be ashamed to ask.
So here we go again… (Talking about coming out of your comfortzone to progress…)

If you want to donate through the Gofundme-page, it’s only possible with a credit card. A small percentage of the amount goes to the GoFundme website. If you don’t have a credit card or you don’t want to pay with credit card, you can donate below. Below you can directly donate the amount of your choice with Ideal.

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Thank you so much!