Awarded NLcoach support price!

Once a year the Dutch national coaches conference is organized and at this event once a year the NLcoach support price is awarded. Last year I was nominated and this year I was awarded the price at the conference!

A special part of my web page will be dedicated to the price and my program, journey and the results it will have for me as a coach this year. Time is limited so I have decided to report only in Dutch. I hope non Dutch readers can use google translate if they are interested.

My program exists of two parts:
* I requested a coach and help with developing a personal development plan for me as a coach.
* I want to broaden my knowledge, skills and certificates as a cycling coach by attending the coaching development programme with the UCI in Aigle, Switserland.

You can read my reports, in Dutch, here:

I hope other coaches will be inspired by my journey and learning progress to develop them selves: 1+1=3