Track race Sixdaynight & eurocup para cycling Büttgen

15 & 16 October, there were races at the track in Büttgen and we went there with Natalie and Margo and guest riders Sven Boekhoven and Renate Welle. Both days the women raced in  scratch, points race and elimination race. For Sven who is a C3 para cyclist the race was a European Cup where there were points to earn for the World Cup and Olympic games. Sven represented the Netherlands all by himself with a little bit of my coaching for help.

A short film of the event by Sven.

The women raced in teams of two riders. Both their results of each event were put together and then classified. Natalie and Margo raced as team C for Cycling in the outfit of team Sprinters Velodrome Amsterdam. Renate was teamed up with a German rider. Natalie in her champion jersey was unbeatable for the field. Margo fought as a lion in one of her first track races and as a team they came second the first night. The second day Margo and Natalie laid the foundation for the victory of the day in the scratch race by finishing 2nd and 3rd.
Renate, who just became a junior, did very well in this field of elite women. She stood her ground!
Sven has improved tremendously and gained a wealth of experience. In the 3000m pursuit he even raced for the bronze medal. Al tough he improved himself a lot he came 4th.
Sven has written a report about his experiences on his blog: