6 november 2017

Wow, all your support has been overwhelming!
After my breakdown about the expenes to enter the World Championships, I was advised to start a crowdfunding campaign.
The road to the World Championships isn’t always easy. Sport is something you CAN do and that’s a gift, a privilege. I’m grateful and glad I can. If you want and you can, you’ll get excited, loose and you’ll have positive tension. You’ll be intrinsically motivated and then you’re performing and surprising yourself. That’s when you’re mentally strong!

Sometimes it’s mentally difficult, sometimes physical. This year it was mostly financial difficult. Partly because the World Championships were so far away.

That’s why I’m more than grateful to you. Thanks to your support I got the chance to take three jerseys and a bronze medal home. In total you donated € 1,082, – for which 1082 times thanks!

Start of a new season

30 oktober 2017

Slowly but surely, we come from our summer sleep …
September 3, we start again with the track season!
starting Sunday, September 3rd every sunday 19.30 and every Wednesday at 20.30. Basic training.
In the first weekend of September we will also start with Introduction Training and Certificate Training.

Go to to see the dates and subscribe yourself!

The womens only training will return. The first block starts October 21, 18:30 (+ 28 Oct, 4 Nov & 11 Nov)
New this year is the Step-up training for beginner track cyclists. These are blocks from 3-4 on one of the following trainings to get excited, start riding a lot on the track and gaining experience, and then flowing to the Certificate Tutorials.

Lots of Rainbow Jerseys!

22 oktober 2017

After months of preparation the World Championships were finally there! They were held from October 8th until October 15th in Los Angeles.
The goal was to defend last years jerseys. That goal was completed!

Carolien came home with with no less than three rainbow jerseys, including three gold medals. Besides that, she had one bronze medal.

She earned the jerseys on the following events:
– The scratch race
– The Individual Time Trial
– The Sprint

She won bronze with Erin Criglington at the Team Sprint event.

Website under construction

26 augustus 2017

Within The upcoming weeks we will be updating the website.
Due to the updates, some parts of the website may be temporarily unavailable.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

On my way to Pedal Fever Coaching Conference Dublin.

25 november 2011

I’m about to leave for the Pedal Fever Coaching Conference in Dublin of Cycling Ireland. I have been invited to give a presentation on my work as a track cycling coach. A fantastic and exciting challenge.

You can get an idea of what I’ll present in this pdf: Track Sprinters aren’t Zebras -Be the best Sprinter you can be!